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Congélateur 1 porte vitrée non réversible, charnière à gauche version inox

Congélateur 1 porte vitrée réversible, charnière à gauche version inox Our GF/100 collection are plug ready, available in four different doors, with either a left or right hinge. Ideal for both glasses and liquors, its strong and efficient cooling system featuring the award winning +stayclear condenser, means glasses or bottles are frozen within minutes.

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Prix promo 1 900,00 € HT Prix normal 1 920,00 € HT Réf.: HGF/100LGCS
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Standard features include:

  • Fully automatic defrost, making cleaning easy
  • Digital electronic thermostat to manage temperature
  • Quick to service exchangeable magnetic gasket
  • Two internal shelves
  • Environmentally efficient R600a refrigeration 
  • Adjustable temperature range from -17°C to -10°C
  • White LED lighting
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Volume 100L
Dimensions 600 x 508 x 840-880 mm
Tempèrature réglable -14 C /-10 C
Gaz R600a
600 x 508 x 840-880 mm
610 Watt